Supplement Supercenter was created by nutrition professionals, health and fitness fanatics and gurus. A multitude of different health, nutrition, and fitness perspectives were brought together to create the synergistic effect that makes our mission and commitment to our customers so powerful. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with Science-backed information that will guide them to make the correct decisions when purchasing supplements, for their life style. We want our customers to know that being healthy requires more than just ingesting pills and powders. It, first, requires a vast knowledge of  nutrition and how to apply it to your specific goals. This becomes very overwhelming for many. Luckily, for our customers, we have an on-staff nutritionist, armed with a BS in Dietetics and vast knowledge of fitness. He will be reviewing products, and creating fitness and nutrition content, in our blog, and through videos and other mediums  to help our customers gain a better understanding of those topics.   

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products on the market. The freshest products available and shipping them to them as fast as possible. The majority of our more than 5000 products are strategically warehoused around the country to ensure freshness and ease of access.

Our products will be as fresh as possible and should never be close to their expiration dates. Many companies sell identical products to ours, for a deeply discounted price. In many cases, this is because the products are either close to expiration or other factors. In the end, the product is delivered and there is a chance that the customer receives a near expired product for a discount price. This is not ideal for the customer. Therefore, we will never put you in that position. 

Who is our ideal customer? Our ideal customer is anybody that is looking to better their life through proper diet and fitness. Our members and affiliates have worked with people of all different levels of fitness and nutritional knowledge; from pro athletes, college athletes, factory workers, desk workers, and everything in between.   our great sense of accomplishment comes from hearing about positive result from any of our customers, no matter what level they started on..  

In the end, our MAIN focus is helping our customers reach their, every, wellness and fitness goals. We will do this by giving our customers great information and superior products.