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The People Behind Supplement Supercenter

Thank you for checking out our Blog. Here we will talk about supplements, nutrition, and fitness.

Our goal is to give our members as much information as possible, so they can make informed decisions when deciding how they want to navigate through their fitness, sport supplement, and nutritional journey. There is a lot of information about these topics that is incomplete or false. When people follow poor or incomplete information, their success rate is diminished. Here we want people to have access to great information, and to be able to ask questions to help them along.

Many fitness professional and Gurus will be contribute to the content of this blog. However, our resident nutritionist and fitness coach, Lantz Roberts will be the main contributor of this blog. We feel very fortunate to have lantz on our team. Lantz has his BS in dietetics, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has more than 10 years of fitness, sports supplementation, and nutrition experience. He is an avid athlete and love to help others.

Lantz’s main reason for pursuing his degree in dietetics was to be able to help the average active person that is seeking good advice. After working in a supplement store for 5 years, Lantz felt that people deserved better nutritional information from the people that are selling them wellness products and sports supplements. He noticed how much people blindly trusted the salesmen, and many times, they gave the customer bad advice, just to make a sale. Even though, he was very knowledgeable, when it came to nutrition, he wanted to know more and wanted to be confident that he was giving the correct advice to the people he was talking to.

Now Lantz And others will be producing great information and advice for the customers of Supplement Supercenter. So stay tuned as we begin to create new and helpful information for our valued followers.

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